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[audio]Hey Sarah Palin
Sarah Palin Bash
Keywords: Sarah Palin
Downloads: 198 1.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]Test Sarah Palin 100727 - SarahPalinDictionary.com
Test Sarah Palin
Keywords: Sarah Palin Dictionary
Downloads: 36
[movies]Sarah Palin : CSPAN : February 11, 2012 4:30pm-6:30pm EST
Series/Special. New.
Keywords: Sarah Palin; Television Program
Downloads: 177
[movies]Sarah Palin tribute song
Sarah Palin Tribute song
Keywords: sarah Palin Tribute song
Downloads: 32
[audio]Season of the Witch-Donovan/Foster - MF Foster/Donovan
This is an adaptation of the 1960's song written by Donovan-the new lyrics and arrangement are pure MF.This is dedicated to Sarah Palin-"Oh No, Must be the Season of the Witch"-MF
Keywords: Politics-Sarah Palin
Downloads: 241
[audio]Sarah Palin talks to 770KKOB's Peter St. Cyr - Peter St. Cyr
2009 Sarah Palin talks to radio reporter Peter St. Cyr at El Pinto restaurant in Albuquerque, NM
Keywords: Sarah Palin; Albuquerque; New Mexico
Downloads: 32
[audio]Eddie Burke on Patrick's World USA 10/06/10
Eddie Burke on Patrick's World USA 10/06/10
Keywords: Alaska; Republican; Conservative; Sarah Palin
Downloads: 3
[audio]Shannyn Moore on Sarah Palin on DN - DN
Shannyn Moore talks about Sarah Palin
Keywords: Sarah Palin; god; evangelical; corruption
Downloads: 83
[audio]Sarah Palin for President - NOT - gullyjuice187
Sarah Palin possible run for 2012? Check out Madwebdesignz.com Pressureentertainmentfilms.com hiddenhandgully.blogspot.com
Keywords: Sarah Palin; 2012; President; Barack; Hussein; Obama
Downloads: 16
[movies]Palin Tribute song 001
A great tribute song to Sarah Palin.
Keywords: Sarah palin Jake E Tribute song
Downloads: 13
[movies]Sarah Palin with Bill OReilly
More stupid from the QUEEN of stupid!!
Keywords: queen of stupid sarah palin dumb palin
Downloads: 33
[audio]Eddie Burke on Patrick's World USA 10/06/10
Eddie Burke is my guest on BlogTalk radio 10/06/10
Keywords: Alaska; politics; conservative; republican; sarah palin
Downloads: 8
[image]McCain Palin/ GOP ephemera
Republican ephemera from the 2008 campaign; includes bumber stickers, shirt stickers, pens pencils and even the "thanks for the effort" card.
Keywords: election 2008; John McCain; Sarah Palin; republican
Downloads: 19
[audio]The Christine Wirsing Show: Ramping Up Conservative Media Bias - Christine Wirsing
Conservative talk show
Keywords: Sarah Palin; conservative; Christine Wirsing; christian; Obama
Downloads: 14
[audio]Michaelangelo Signorile Show with Lizz Winstead and GottaLaff
Sirius/XM radio show
Keywords: sarah palin; radio show; Lizz Winstead
Downloads: 42
[audio]Sarah Palin Speaks in Dover 10/15/08 - New Hampshire Public Radio
Alaska Governor and Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin speaks at a campaign event in Dover, New Hampshire, October 15, 2008.
Keywords: election 2008; New Hampshire; Sarah Palin
Downloads: 65
[audio]Mc Ginniss 3 - Stu Levitan
2011 interview with Joe McGinniss, author of "Rogue: Searching for the Real Sarah Palin," from Books & Beats w/ Stu Levitan.
Keywords: Joe McGinniss; Stu Levitan; Sarah Palin
Downloads: 4
[movies]Sarah Palin Wants Religious War And Corporate Rule
Capitalism kills democracy. When the people's voice is measured in dollars we quickly find that the only votes are those afforded by corporations. Religion can not be associated with government for it is, or rather should be, a personal focus not a social one. To involve a mythical history in the rational decisions of politic is to base a society on the principles of an unworthy few ignoring the will of the vast multitudes...
Keywords: Sarah Palin; Religious War; Corporate Rule
Downloads: 4,967 3.50 out of 5 stars3.50 out of 5 stars3.50 out of 5 stars3.50 out of 5 stars(6 reviews)
[audio]Sarah Palin Prank Call
Palin Prank Call: Canadian Comedy Duo Convinces Palin She's Talking To Sarkozy
Keywords: Sarah Palin; Prank Call; Comedy; Sarkozy
Downloads: 542
[audio]2008 US Vice Presidential Debate - Sarah Palin, Joe Biden and Gwen Ifill
The first and only 2008 US Vice Presidential Debate. Topics included domestic policy, foreign policy and national security, energy, and the economic crisis. This debate was moderated by Gwen Ifill (managing editor and moderator for Washington Week and a senior correspondent for The NewsHour both on PBS) and took place at Washington University in St. Louis. Vice Presidential candidates Sarah Palin, the Governor of Alaska, and Joe Biden, the senior U.S...
Keywords: Sarah Palin; Joe Biden; vice presidential debate
Downloads: 589
[texts]Sarah Palin
Keywords: SARAH; PALIN; sarah palin; vice; presidency; Cain
Downloads: 134
[audio]Semi Modest Proposal - Sarah Palin: VPILF - A Semi Modest Proposal
A Semi Modest Proposal is a moderately regular podcast, that tackles news of the week.
Keywords: Comedy; podcast; news; current events; Sarah Palin; Election 2008
Downloads: 181
[audio]For The Record #40 - To Sandpoint and Beyond - Dave Emory
FTR #40 This program analyzes the possible political significance of Mark Fuhrmanâs move to Sandpoint, Idaho. This tiny town (population 5,200) has become an epicenter of the white-supremacist movement. Louis Beam (widely viewed as the de facto leader of the Aryan Nations) moved there at about the same time as Fuhrman and owns land there. In addition, there is an Identity Christian congregation there (Identity Christianity is a racist and anti-semitic perversion of Christianity.) Numerous other...
Keywords: Aryan Nations; New Right; OJ Simpson; Sarah Palin
Downloads: 17
[audio]Viewpoint: Sarah Palin Revelations - Ian Beaumont
Revelations about Sarah Palin's past have come out via a new book. But to Ian Beaumont, the revelations are not the most interesting part of this story.
Keywords: Viewpoint; radio; minute; Ian Beaumont; City Media Productions; Sarah Palin
Downloads: 13
[audio]Sarah Palin interview with Peter St. Cyr - Peter St. Cyr
During a 2008 campaign stop in Albuquerque, New Mexico Republican Vice Presidential nominee Sarah Palin chatted with 770KKOB radio Reporter Peter St. Cyr.
Keywords: Sarah Palin; Politics; 2008 Election; Albuquerque; New Mexico
Downloads: 58
[audio]Teasy Teas -HagglingInIndia - Marshall Malone / Teasy Teas
Tea and Cholesterol, Tea and ADD ADHD, Sarah Palin, Haggling in India
Keywords: Sarah Palin; Tea and Cholesterol; green tea; Tea Party Movement
Downloads: 45
[audio]Teasy - Haggling in India - Marshall Malone - Teasy Teas
Tea and Health, the Tea Party Movement, Haggling in India, and the price of oil.
Keywords: tea party; high cholesterol; oil price; Sarah Palin
Downloads: 65
[movies]Palin Battle Hymn - Written-Tom Dempsey Vocal- Gary Mcvay Submitted-Tom Dempsey you can buy it on cdbaby.com
Sarah Palin Battle hymn presented for Prosperity and Humanity.
Keywords: palin battle hymn JakeEvilclown stupid palin sarah palin
Downloads: 23
[image]McCain-Palin bumper stickers
self explanatory
Keywords: election 2008; John McCain; Sarah Palin; republican; bumper stickers
Downloads: 52
[image]McCain-Palin buttons
From the numbers coming in right now, it doesn't look this doesn't look like a McCain victory, but at least we can appreciate these pieces of political art.
Keywords: election 2008; John McCain; Sarah Palin; republican; button
Downloads: 56
[audio]09.11.23bite - BOGGS
how about homeless men playing soccer and Sarah's book and Hasan's training
Keywords: soccer; Sarah Palin; Major Hasan; book; best; seller
Downloads: 80
[audio]Bitch Popaganda Episode 3
The third episode of Bitch Popaganda, a roundtable discussion series on all things pop culture and feminist.
Keywords: Popaganda; Bitch; Beth Ditto; Sarah Palin; confessional journalism
Downloads: 1,116
[audio]Push Back - Kayo3634
Discussing the depths to which the McCain Palin campaign is sinking in October, 2008
Keywords: John McCain; Sarah Palin; Brack Obama; Andy Martin
Downloads: 52
[audio]Palin Punk'd
Sarah Palin gets punk'd by pranksters from a Quebec radio station.
Keywords: Sarah Palin; 2008 elections; prank phone call; Quebec; radio personalities
Downloads: 192
[movies]Conservative Political Action Conference--Newt Gingrich & Sarah Palin : CSPAN : March 8, 2014 11:00pm-1:01am EST
Sarah Palin and Newt Gingrich speak at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC).
Keywords: Conservative Political Action Conference--Newt Gingrich & Sarah Palin; Television Program
Downloads: 47
[audio]SNL - Palin Rap - Spanky (Mewanta) Woods
Palin Rap from SNL weekend update 10/18/08 was the air date
Keywords: Sarah Palin; GOP; SNL; Weekend Update; John McCain; Demented; Comedy
Downloads: 2,223
[movies]Conservative Political Action Conference--Newt Gingrich & Sarah Palin : CSPAN : March 8, 2014 12:40pm-6:01pm EST
Sarah Palin and Newt Gingrich speak at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC).
Keywords: Conservative Political Action Conference--Newt Gingrich & Sarah Palin; Television Program
Downloads: 63
[audio]The Clancy Cast 112408 - The Clancy Brothers
Spit that food out of your fat mouth and into a napkin. Stand up and scream into the faces of those around the table, "I won't let you hurt me anymore!" Then run off and find a quiet, dark place, beacause you're home now, surrounded by those who hate you as much as you do. It's the Thanksgiving ClancyCast!!!
Keywords: thanksgiving; sarah palin; obama; kanye west; dating; queff; vagina fart
Downloads: 21
[movies]Conservative Political Action Conference--Newt Gingrich & Sarah Palin : CSPAN : March 8, 2014 8:00pm-10:01pm EST
Sarah Palin and Newt Gingrich speak at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC).
Keywords: Conservative Political Action Conference--Newt Gingrich & Sarah Palin; Television Program
Downloads: 62
[movies]Conservative Political Action Conference--Newt Gingrich & Sarah Palin : CSPAN : March 9, 2014 5:00am-7:01am EDT
Sarah Palin and Newt Gingrich speak at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC).
Keywords: Conservative Political Action Conference--Newt Gingrich & Sarah Palin; Television Program
Downloads: 53
[movies]sarah palin loves balloons - Sasha Mandel
sara palin loves balloons, saying, "balloons are fun" at the republican national convention, after John McCains acceptance speech during the balloon drop
Keywords: balloon drop; rnc; republican national convention; sarah palin
Downloads: 1,529
[audio]Shanynn Moore on Sarah Palin, A Politician she knows well and has reported on extensively - Dori Smith
Talk Nation Radio special on Alaskas Gov. Sarah Palin September 5th, 2008 Talk Nation Radio special: Alaska Progressive Reporter Shannyn Moore on the Gov. Sarah Palin she knows. Listen to this weeks election special show or download at this JUST A GIRL FROM HOMER is attracting lots of attention because Moore knows Alaska Governor Sarah Palin well and has interviewed her many times. She delves into the more controversial Sarah Palin, her church, her prayers for Walmart and for mergers between peo...
Keywords: Shanynn Moore; Shannon; Shanynn; Governor Sarah Palin; knows Palin; reporter Shanynn Moore shows Sarah Palin; religion; oil; Alaska corruption; Palin
Downloads: 42
[movies]March 3, 2010 Edition of KC in 60
Sarah Palin is at it agin ? oh lord! That and weird news on this edition of KC in 60.
Keywords: kc in 60; kevin canessa; kevincanessa.com; sarah palin; alaska governor; shovio; shovio.com
[audio]The Snark-Gap Transmission, Show #0010 - September 8, 2008 - Steve Shives
Not only is this, our tenth installment actually 30 minutes long (give or take about forty seconds), it's also packed with the sort of eclectic, random crap that only we could possibly care about. First, there's McAsherson's new friend, the weird old drunk guy from down the street. Then, there's our fondness for anything with a British accent. And finally, there is our merciless, mean-spirited and so very, very well deserved shellacking of Republican Vice Presidential nominee Sarah Palin...
Keywords: snark-gap transmission; podcast; politics; sarah palin; british accents; john mccain; barack obama; 2008 election
Downloads: 585
[movies]Caeser Pink Spits in the face of Fox News - caeser Pink
An Anti-Conservativism ad the Imperial Orgy ran on Fox News in Central, Pennsylvania to promote their performance there in 2011. The ad claims that Fox New's goal is to keep the public dumb. Downlaod Imperial Orgy Music: http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/four-legs-good-two-legs-baaad!/id368102272 Visit The Imperial Orgy Websire: http://www.theimperialorgy.com
Keywords: rush limbaugh Pennsylvania' Mifflin County Fox News Channel Rush Limbaugh Glenn Beck Sarah Palin
Downloads: 19
[audio]Principles In Liberty #29 - Sanford Staab
Recorded on 12/30/2008 00:54 Steve discusses Moscow during its invasion by the Germans in WWII 02:50 People in Russia dying by falling out of windows. 04:00 Apartment living in Russia 04:34 Commune living in Russia 05:06 Camping in Russia 05:28 High School "Friends" 08:23 Truther stuff 11:50 AIG stuff 12:42 http://www.911Synchronicity.com 15:00 FED prefered stock 15:20 http://www.themoneymasters.com/ 17:36 What will happen after the first of 2009 18:40 Canada is under martial law right now 19:20...
Keywords: Steve Pidgeon; Zimbabwe; Sarkozy; Little Mosque on the prarrie; Obama; Obama Lawsuit; Sarah Palin; Yulia Tymoshenko
Downloads: 41
[audio]RokRellRadio7 - Roklan and Relly Soprano (RokNRell Radio Show)
Tonight We discuss, Rehabilitaion, Jail System, Healthcare Reform, Sarah Palin, The Tea Party, Michelle Bachman, Beer, tatum O Neal, Clinic Mayo, Tupac Shakur,
Keywords: Rehabilitaion; Jail System; Healthcare Reform; Sarah Palin; The Tea Party; Michelle Bachman; Beer
Downloads: 120
[audio]CSA Episode 190 "Politics to the front burner..." - CSA Podcast / 8 Beer Sampler Productions
On this episode of CSA it is just T Fab P and Maqz, and the Penguin begins with a rant about the politics of the day. He starts with Herman Cain calling journalists who criticism him racist after they just repeated whet he said and pointed out how dumb it was. They the Penguin takes on the big ol' quitter, Sarah Palin, who stopped her rolling bus tour this past week and then tried to cover it up with an excuse about surprise jury duty...
Keywords: herman cain; sarah palin michelle bachmann; newt gingrich; hackbarth; romney; T Fab P and Maqz
Downloads: 131
[audio]John Nichols - Rally Recap - Sly in the Morning
John Nichols gives his take on Saturday's dueling rallies. Sarah Palin decided to gloss over the Wisconsin struggle and use the occasion to bash Obama and the GOP. If the Tea Party was an actual grassroots organization with no ties to any party, there might actually be some common ground with union protesters. Instead, Americans For Prosperity got their shills together and held what must of been a very disappointing event.
Keywords: Sly in the Morning; 1670 WTDY; Sarah Palin; labor; rallies; rally; protest; Madison; Wisconsin
Downloads: 227
[movies]BACKYARD BARBEQUE By Hank Tub and the McMinn County 4-H Rejects - Geoffrey Cox
Country crooner Hank Tub leads the McMinn County 4-H Rejects in a rousing sing-a-long of his own composition, "Backyard Barbeque". "Little Billy" Dickman can be heard repeating the lyrics "Fire up the charcoal...Break out the buns...I'm sure hopin' you all can come" in the background. The song was included in their landmark live set "ALIVE At the Scottish Inns 1979" on the since-bankrupted Bombs Away label...
Keywords: BACKYARD BARBECUE; Sarah Palin; New World Order; nuclear holocaust; racism Cas Walker Creedence Clearwater Revival
Downloads: 93 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
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